This week of apps has us gazing at the stars, creating our own galaxies, spinning around in circles, and even fixing our kitchen sinks! Our top app of the week is Loss of the Night, which is a seriously cool global science project in which we can all take part. We’ve also got a new alarm clock, a mobile version of Fixya, a new way to DJ, and a way to keep your kids safe from all the dangerous naughty language in the world.

Loss of the Night (Free)

It’s becoming more and more common to see apps with foundations in science and the betterment of humanity. Even Google is jumping on the bandwagon! While Loss of the Night sounds like some kind of art house flick, it’s actually a really cool global science project. As a species, we’ve kind of been giving the finger to nature through our technology since forever. Part of that includes artificial lighting and light pollution, which has decreased star visibility and had some interesting effects on health and the environment. This is a fun and educational citizen science app that has you mark what stars you can see from your location in the world. Any excuse to get people stargazing and thinking about the cosmos is worth it in my book.

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DJ space (Free)

Speaking of the cosmos, here we have a far less scientific app that’s also about stars! Kind of… DJ space is an amusing, highly visual music mixing app, meant less for professional use and more for fun. You can create songs by mixing various samples on a galactic scale. In fact, each galaxy represents a complete composition, with each star representing a track, and the planets orbiting those stars as other samples and sounds that you’ve added. It’s kind of abstract and hard to use, but it’s a really cool idea, and the aesthetic aspect is great. When all is said and done, you can export your cosmic remixes to the world as .wav files with ease.

Spin Alarm Clock ($1.00)

In our modern society of artificial lights and excessive caffeine ingestion, sleep, and more importantly the act of waking up has become something of a national sport that everyone’s playing. And believe me… if snoozing your alarm to the point that it has ruinous effects on your life was an Olympic sport, I’ve been taking home the gold for years. Luckily, people have been putting out more and more creative types of alarm clocks, including some that have you solve puzzles or even do math. This one from Bazzinga Labs just has you stand up and spin around in circles like the Tasmanian Devil, but it’s surprisingly effective thanks to a really irritating alarm noise. If you’re feeling really adventurous or desperate, you can even disable the snooze button…

Fixya (Free)

As the kind of man who takes serious personal offense to anyone suggesting that he let a professional fix pretty much anything, my father would probably love Fixya. The online Fixya community has been something of a new Mecca to any and all D.I.Y. handy men trying to channel their inner Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, and now that community has this extremely handy mobile app. Using mobile device cameras, it’s easier than ever to post video questions and solutions to anyone who needs them for loads of common jobs and fixes. This is a super useful app for anyone looking to save a bit of money on home improvement.

Kids Media (Free)

In this day and age of mobile computers and constant internet access, it’s harder than ever to keep track of what your kids are really doing. I mean, my parents never seemed to notice me watching South Park or listening to Eminem as a ten year old anyway, and I turned out only mildly disturbed, but I digress…Kids Media from Common Sense Media is here to offer a massive database full of reviews and ratings of all content you might show your kids, including shows, books, movies, games, etc. measuring things like violence and sexual content and even whether that media has positive role models. You know. Like Eric Cartman!

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