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Sep 26, 2010

Security follows technology. Now that our phones are more expensive and carry personal information, it’s only natural that we want to protect them. The free LookOut Android app offers an interesting new security app that features anti-virus, data backup, and lost phone locator capabilities.

LookOut gets credit for a smooth setup. With three different functions, it could have been a mess, but they quickly walk you through the configuration – mostly by using smart defaults that you can adjust latter if you want.

For virus scanning, Lookout checks your phone for viruses and malware. It will helpfully scan every app or file that you download during the downloading process. You can also set up a schedule for scanning and the options are very flexible.

To use data backup, Lookout requires you to sign up for free with their service at mylookout.com. From there, you can customize whether or not you’d like to backup your contacts, call history and/or your photos.

Finally, by logging into their website, you can view your phone’s location on a map or send a lost phone a “scream request”. Both worked properly in my testing.

Your Data is Mobile, Your Security Should Be Too

Your smartphone is an extension of you and everything you do. There’s more personal and work-related information accessible on your devices than ever before. So if your information is as mobile as you are, shouldn’t your security be, too? With Lookout, everything is OK.

Overall, Lookout does a good job of making you feel safer about your phone’s content and whereabouts. Their website also sports a friendly interface and will tell you your phone’s virus status, allow you to view your backup, or check the phone’s location, all with a few clicks.

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