Your face and voice are the biometric keys that open the app, giving you the highest level of security out there. AppLock allows users to customize their security per app with Convenience mode (voice or face) and TrulySecure mode (voice and face). For families who share devices, AppLock offers security to individually selected apps. Therefore, children can play games while your emails/texts/photos can be kept private.


AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is a free app on google play without ads. With over 75,000 downloads it has a 4.1 rating that has been steadily rising since AppLock 2.0 came out in March this year.

AppLock is the only app that offers dual layer security of face and voice recognition in contrast to EyeVerify and FaceLock app.  AppLock is powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure™ face and voice multimodal biometric authentication technology, which combines powerful speaker verification and face recognition algorithms to ensure a seamless and secure experience.