Listen Up! Audio Books for Android

Sep 27, 2011

Plug in an audio book in your car stereo, listen around the house or in bed, whenever you can’t look (or don’t feel like looking) at a screen. You can’t turn your phone or tablet into e-ink, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a book at the beach without a sunny glare.


This is my first pick because it’s the audio book system my local library uses. I can check out audio books and play them on my phone now just like I can play them on my Nook eReader.


Audiobooks from Audible

This app has its own store and a great selection to choose from so you can grab a new book on the go. Try it out for long car rides.



Stream or download books – good option, that streaming. Books take up space on your phone’s memory, and while streaming may run up your data, it’s great on Wifi.


Ambling BookPlayer Personal

This is the mid-level version of Ambling BookPlayer – there’s a freebie and pro version as well. Nice interface, good selection, and plays nicely with bluetooth in your car audio.


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