More than once, I’ve been driving and wanted to check out a text I’d just received, but unfortunately it’s illegal and unsafe, so I’ve had to wait until I could pull over. Sometimes you just can’t wait.

For road warriors, is a great application that can help you “read” your texts or emails while driving. The moment you switch on Bluetooth or place your phone in the car dock, is activated. This nifty feature makes sure you don’t forget to switch on the app when you’re in a rush. The app plays an audio notification so you know it’s activated.

When you receive a text or email, the app reads the sender’s name and the first part of the message (you can set the number of words). This gives you the ability to decide whether you want to pull over and quickly respond, or if you’ll respond later. The free version of also offers you the option to auto-respond to each message with a standard template. The pro version gives you the ability to respond to those messages for which you use the voice-command.

I only noticed three glitches while using One of them being that the voice starts reading the message when the notification sound of a new message is still playing. Secondly, it doesn’t work perfectly with all media players. The voice sometimes reads a message while a song is playing. And thirdly, to use the Pro-version, you have to either pay a monthly or an annual fee. I’d rather pay a fixed price for the app than have a subscription.

For me, the free app offers sufficient options. Drive safely, use