It seems that Android tablet apps are starting to pick up steam. In terms of productivity, “floating” apps, which are basically windowed programs similar to what you see on a Windows PC, are all the rage. Though Android is a multitasking OS, Google chose to omit using paned windows. As such, all apps run full screen. This might work for smartphones, but what about a tablet that have enough screen real estate? Apps like On the technical side I did experience a minor hiccup: While browsing through my friends list the app listed one of my buddies under “offline” despite displaying the green status symbol for “available.” Checking with Gtalk on my desktop PC confirmed that this may be a bit of a bug. Relatively minor, as I at least can see my friends availability.

If you’re a power user and find yourself constantly switching between your current app and your chat client I highly suggest you give LilyPad HD a spin. Paying $1.49 for the app bundles you with the Gtalk client. Future updates include other popular messengers for additional in app purchase. This may disappoint some, but considering how much other instant messaging applications cost, you’ll only have to pay for what you actually use. Even in beta, LilyPad HD is a must-have productivity option.

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