Lights, Camera, Action!

Feb 23, 2011

Who doesn’t love movies? I mean really…. So why not have easy access on your phone!

IMDb for Android

IMDB is easy access to all movies, TV and people. You can look up your favorite actor to see what movies they are going to be in. Or see what new movies are going to be out and where they are showing. I like to think that this is the news page for the movie/TV obsessed.


Movie Finder

This app gives you the opportunity to check out the new releases. All the blockbusters are rated (the five star method), and it gives you the option to watch the trailer and read a synopsis. You can also check for show times. You can also look at a long list by the title of movie or specific lists like “2011 Oscar Nominated”. There is a tab where you can see all theaters in your area and see the address and distance from you. Lastly, the final tab is pretty self-explanatory. It’s called ‘Coming Soon’ and it’s for the lists of movies that are coming soon to a theater near you.


Fandango Movies

First things first, type in your zip code that way you can see the theaters near you. It’s just like as if you were on your computer, but now, anywhere you are you can buy tickets to a movie before it sells out. You can still view details about the movie along with reviews. Click on the orange tab at the bottom of your screen and you get many options. More importantly that’s the option to buy your tickets!


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