LifeKraze uses social networking to motivate people to generally do good, for themselves or others. Also making appearances in this week’s best Android apps  list is a great app for accessing computer documents with relatively no hassle, an all encompassing trip planner, an app designed for making international calls on the cheap, and an app for creating disposable phone numbers to turn you into some kind of wannabe secret agent!

LifeKraze (Free)

Well, this is easily the most interesting app released all week. It takes social networking and makes a philanthropic contest out of the whole thing, encouraging people to do good wherever they can for a small monetary reward. Essentially, you and everyone else using the app are given points that you can distribute to people for various accomplishments and achievements that they post. Anything from losing weight to quitting smoking to running a marathon to working a soup kitchen can count, and you then redeem your points for coupons and discounts from various retailers, such as Skull Candy or The North Face. It’s social networking for a better you and a better tomorrow.

PushBullet (Free)

PushBullet is a great new app that makes it easier than ever to access and share documents between your computer and phone. You can easily push files, shopping lists, links to various websites, reminders, and much more to your phone for later use, without the hassle of copying things onto a separate doc or uploading them to a cloud storage service. It’s a simple service, and lacks any razzle dazzle, but it’s about the most universally useful app on this list, and a solid download for anyone with an Android device.

Yelo: Cheap Calls Worldwide (Free)

This is a voice-over-Internet app specifically aimed at people looking to make international phone calls or general phone calls while traveling, without spending a small fortune on roaming fees. You simply buy the pay-as-you-go credits, then make calls over your cellular data or Wi-Fi. While the app isn’t totally free, it’s still cheaper than long distance fees. The app is also generally easy to use, letting you access your device’s contact list. It’s a high quality alternative to communicating worldwide, and while it isn’t the only alternative, it’s a well-designed one.

Gogobot (Free)

It’s never too early to start planning for those spring and summer vacations, and Gogobot is here to help you do just that. It stores information on over 60,000 tourist destinations across the world, including hotels, airports, and local sightseeing opportunities. The app lets you create destination maps and book hotels right from the app itself, and you can both write and read reviews from other users, exchanging useful information and tips about any given area. This isn’t the only travel planning app around, but it is pretty slick, and an all-encompassing itinerary maker that every parent planning a vacation will love.

Hushed – Anonymous Calls, SMS (Free)

Hushed is an excellent new app for the cautious social butterfly, the paranoid conspiracy theorist, and everyone in-between. Essentially, it lets you make calls and send texts from disposable numbers while hiding your real phone number and contact information. This is especially useful should you ever lose your phone. You can attach numbers to different devices and use them for as long as you want. Hushed  is a great app for meeting new people, like the questionable lady or gentleman at the club last Friday, and it’s an all around excellent app for people who give out their number a lot.

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