If your idea of a perfect afternoon is sitting at your PC, running dungeons, tanking or healing, earning XP, and equipping the latest phat loot, then these role-playing games will help you scratch your online itch anywhere, anytime, right from the comfort of your Android device.

Attic Tales (RPG) (~$1.60)

Back in the 1990s, college students spent countless hours on the fledgling Internet working their way through virtual dungeons, via a text-only interface. These MUDs and MOOs (I’ll leave you to look up those terms) formed the basis for today’s fully featured graphical RPGs. Attic Tales is a bridge between the past and present of the genre, offering classic text-based RPG storylines and text trees, along with first-generation sprite-like graphics. There are plenty of monsters to slay, levels and dungeons to explore, gold to plunder and special armor to equip. Attic Tales is a worthwhile diversion that keeps on getting better. Upcoming updates include achievements, additional special items and a third epic chapter.

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