If you fancy yourself as a photographer thanks to the myriad of fabulous photography apps for your Android device, you will not want to miss out on the stellar and free Streamzoo app. This savvy photo app has it all: expert cropping, fabulous filters, classic borders, genius tilt shifts and color fixes. Once you finish making your photo perfect with all the fun photography effects, you can share it via social networks and in the Streamzoo app via the photo feed. The app also allows you to spice up and share your videos too.

Streamzoo makes it super easy to find your friends in the app by connecting to Facebook and Twitter to see who is already using it. In fact, like many apps these days, you can sign-up to use Streamzoo via your Facebook and/or Twitter account. It is also super easy to peruse photos from others that you don’t know via the hashtag stream. Say you want to follow user photos of clouds or oceans or trees, then you simply find that stream in the stream section and select “Follow” to have these photos always show up in your feed. Streamzoo is very intuitive to use thanks to the friendly design.

Are you sick of just viewing photos of your friend’s kids and pets in Instagram? Then Streamzoo will be perfect for you. It’s a fun way to follow strangers’ photos by selecting categories via the hashtag stream. If you don’t want to follow your friend’s photos, you don’t have to—this isn’t Facebook.

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