The free Calorific app for Android aims to make healthy eating easy. Instead of counting calorie after calorie, users pick from food category and portion size.

You track what you eat for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and one final snack. Pick from the green, yellow or red category: green for really healthy choices like apples, asparagus and arugula; yellow for chicken, white pasta, beer, wine and oils; red for donuts, red meat, anything fried (even cauliflower) and soda. Then select the size of your portion: small, medium or large.

Change your calorie budget setup by clicking the person icon on the main menu. Set your gender, age, height, weight, activity level, and then select your weekly weight loss goal.

For example, I started my first day with a medium-sized pumpkin donut for breakfast. According to my weight lose goal, I was 480 calories into my 1,318 calorie budget after my first meal. I would gather that isn’t a healthy choice, but not sure I needed this app to tell me that.

The app also tracks your choices over time and shows your food history with where you are at in the ideal food ratio.

It’s very easy to use for a calorie counting app and not to mention, it’s free. If you are looking for ways to shed some pounds, I definitely recommend trying Calorific for Android.