Let’s sketch is a free app for whoever wants to learn how to draw. It provides a split screen where you can draw on an sketchpad while watching a YouTube drawing tutorial. The app was designed to support the natural drawing flow illustrated in many how to draw tutorials, where you start with a pencil to mark position and proportion of your drawing and move to the marker proceeded by erasing the pencil marks.

A special feature offered is a magic eraser – with one click you can hide all pencil markings at once and avoid the regular fuss of using an eraser. You can learn to how draw one or more of the 60 videos displayed on the main page and discover many more video tutorials using the Search. Your drawings are organized under “My Works” and can be published and inspire other users or shared via Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks. By drawing on the sketchpad with a split screen, while watching how to draw video tutorials you really comprehend and master the art of drawing, it’s very different from tracing a picture.

This is a great app for kids to start with. Video instructions really enhance learning experience, I find it more helpful than tracing.