Chemistry Adviser is a special app for education containing large database of inorganic reactions that covers all reactions for school and university students (almost 14 000 reactions). It possesses a user friendly interface with the following features:

  1. Find reactions. For example, if you need to find the answers to the reactions like: Cu + HNO3 = ? or C + H2SO4 = ?, this app will show you answers. Reactions are accompanied with the short descriptions of condition: temperatures, colors of precipitates and so on.
  2. Find multistage reactions (schemes). It is the first app with this feature! For example if you need to obtain sulphuric acid from sulphur, this app will show you several ways how to do that, starting with the most preferable method.
  3. Learn reactions. You can learn and repeat all reactions for specific compound. For example just write Cu, search and learn 36 related reactions.
  4. Balance equations.

There are several similar apps on Google Play like Chemistry or  Chemical reactions.  As compared to these, Chemistry Adviser has larger database of reactions, and it also offers searching multistage reactions (schemes).

The additional significant feature of this app is that it supports handwriting input, so you can write reactions as on you exercise book or blackboard. To start to use handwriting input you will need to watch a short tutorial to understand how it works. The app was developed by PhD in Chemistry, who made the database and Programmer, who made all app developers work. That is why it is the highest quality app for education in Chemistry.