That’s exactly what the Lifetracker app can help with. Lifetracker is a type of AI. It functions as a virtual personal assistant that can keep track of your day to day activities and help you make the most out of your time. It is extremely useful to anyone who splits their time between multiple locations like school, work, and home. When users are juggling so many activities, it is easy to accidentally let things slip. Lifetracker takes care of that.

You start using Lifetracker by creating a task or event. Users can set a time and day for the task or event, or leave it in a type of list to let it get done later. There is also an option to leave it to a general time of day such as morning, afternoon, or night. Users can also tag each task into different categories that include relationships, family, friends, education, hobby, sports, rest, and many, many more. When creating a task, you can write a detailed description to help remind you of what to do when you get ready to complete the task. When it comes time to do your task or go to the event, users will get a notification that allows them or open the app or begin tracking how long it takes to complete the task.

The difference between Lifetracker and any other personal assistant or task app is that Lifetracker can learn your behavior and habits. When users track their tasks, the app learns about how long it takes them to do certain things and what times of day they are more than likely to succeed. Through this feature, Lifetracker can help users schedule tasks at times to help them get done better and faster. It also helps users learn about their own habits as well. When users start to see a pattern to their actions, they can see what they do that limits them and what they do that helps them succeed.

The interface of Lifetracker is simple and easy to use. Users can navigate through the app without getting confused or worrying about not using it properly. The clean and simple design make Lifetracker easy for everyone to monitor their day to day lives and track their progress to become as productive as they can. After all, who doesn’t want to be more productive?