The focus of each scene is the battle which ensues between a champion, chosen by the player, and an opposing monster. You begin by choosing a champion, which symbolizes yourself throughout the battles. You can change champions as you go, based on the user’s preference. The game is location-based such as Pokemon Go and you can fight against monsters in real world locations. You can collect treasure chests which you can open to obtain health points and other features that increase your ability as you go. Earn medals and awards as you proceed up the ranks and collect tokens and treasures that you can cash in for health points.

League of Seekers will appeal most to those who love a good battle. You’ll get the opportunity to fight with Legendary Monsters and it’s always a fight to the death which ends when the monster is defeated. Some of the names of the characters are: Fiora, Minion, Darius, and Raptor. Raptor is the dinosaur of multiple colors that resembles a character from “Jurassic Park” that has run into a rainbow of paint colors. Allusions to classic literary works like “Beowulf” come to mind when playing the game, and the graphics are well-done.

Some will like the simplicity of the game and the ability to play a round quickly. The game will remember where you left off so you can make a career of battles and pick and choose your champions at your leisure. The sound is realistic considering the setting of the game and you can hear swords slashing through the air and loud thumps as monsters are defeated. The graphics are simple but attractive and the color makes the game more interesting. Costumes of the champions have a stage-presence that makes them stand out and will delight players as they take on new battles.

The violence factor is relatively low, even though it focuses on dualing with swords and weapons, because the gore factor is very limited. Red splashes indicate blood during the fight but it is not intensive. Also, the fact that you are battling evil monsters throughout the game lowers the impact of potential negative influence from playing the game too much.

The game is currently in Beta on Google Play and is scheduled to be released soon on the Apple App Store for iOS users. Depending on the mobile device used, the game is highly-engaging for players who are playing on a mobile device and offers a new perspective on fighting battles with monsters in warrior attire.