Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital and The Wall Street Journal

“I consider it the first truly comparable competitor to Apple’s hit iPad.”

“Both Motorola’s hardware and Google’s (GOOG) new software are impressive and, after testing it for about a week, I believe the Xoom beats the first-generation iPad in certain respects, though it lags in others.”

“The Xoom and Honeycomb are a promising pair that should give the iPad its stiffest competition. But price will be an obstacle, and Apple isn’t standing still.”

Robert Scoble of Scobleizer

“I’m falling in love with it.”

“Some parts of Android are better designed than iOS. Multitasking just seems to work better for me than the way you do it on iOS… it takes fewer clicks to switch apps.”

“I will be buying it because it’s the best of the Android-based devices I have seen and I need one to track all the apps over the next year and compare them to what’s on iPad.”

Donald Bell of CNET

The Motorola Xoom tablet is easily the best competition Apple’s iPad has ever seen. Sporting a 10.1-inch screen, front and rear cameras, HDMI output, a dual-core processor, and Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android, the Xoom is entering the tablet wars with guns blazing.

Ben Patterson of Yahoo! News

“The Xoom offers us the first look at Google’s core, built-for-Honeycomb apps—including Gmail, Maps, Books, Music, and Talk—and for the most part, they’re terrific. A key operating principle behind Honeycomb-enabled Android apps is that they allow for new buckets of content (such as additional columns or panels) that can be displayed or hidden depending on the orientation in which you’re holding the tablet, or depending on whether you’re using a tablet or a smaller smartphone.”

David Pogue of the New York Times

“At the moment, few apps are designed for Android tablets’ larger screens. By contrast, there are 60,000 apps available specifically for the iPad (not counting the 290,000 iPhone apps that also run on it, at lower resolution). But that’s a temporary objection; the Android library is growing at a white-hot pace.”

“Motorola should be congratulated for the Xoom. For xealous tablet fans, it’s an excellent, xesty tablet with a xany price tag — but a lot of xip.”

Stay tuned for ongoing coverage of the Motorola Xoom, and, of course, the apps that will make it thrive!