Lathe Worker app is simulator of worker on lathe machine. It is the only 3D lathe machine currently in Play Store made by a lathe enthusiast and his girlfriend who draw all 3D models in the game.

The game is about creating products that are partly finished except the parts which need to be milled on lathe machine. The game is perfect for prototyping. After the product is finished you can interactively explore it in a showroom. The game is appropriate for wider audience, especially for people with technical background, such as engineering students. The game is constantly updated and new products are added regularly.

The most incredible thing in the game is definitely the deformation of workpiece with lathe knife. There are different knifes available for selection and while cutting in workpiece algorithm continuously deforms workpiece to knife shape. Because of this type of dynamic deformation of workpiece it is almost impossible to make exactly the same workpiece.