The ebook battle is still in its infancy as many different retailers offer devices and services to read your books on the go. Amazon is arguably one of the largest players in the ebook game with it’s Kindle device that allows for downloading and reading books on the go. The company has also created an app for Android phones so that even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still use your Amazon account to read books right on your phone.

The app is available for free and takes advantage of your internet connection to bring you any book you have purchased on Amazon. Once installed on your phone, the app will ask you for your account and automatically add your library to the app. All books are kept on the screen with a thumbnail of the cover so you can quickly select the book you are looking for. Once inside a book, viewers are given a few options for the format of their text and color. Users can choose from white, sepia, and black pages depending on what feels the most comfortable and can adjust the font size to their liking.

Overall, apps like this are wonderful to have if you choose to go with that service. There are plenty of ebook services out there and Amazon happens to be one of the most developed of the lot, but you need to remember, you can only read your books when you have a kindle or device with a kindle app around. Check it out.