Dead Space, one of the top iPhone and iPad games Electronic Arts put out last year, has made its way to the Kindle Fire.

It’s still fairly early in the life of the Kindle Fire, so it’s hard to make too many sweeping statements about its success just yet. But for the most part, it seems Amazon’s strategy for developing the device has been a successful one. It’s backing it with its powerful content distribution infrastructure and it’s working hard to make sure that as many great apps as possible are available for the device. Add in its $199 price tag – on which Amazon takes a slight loss, according to reports – and all signs point to Amazon having created a winner.

Rumor has it that both Google and Samsung are readying new tablets, and that Google may be attempting to fight Amazon on the Kindle Fire’s turf. One wonders what Google intends to bring to the table to counter Amazon’s runaway hit.

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