Mobile media is meant to be shared, and Kicksend’s new Android app is all for it. Six months after launching for the iPhone, Kicksend enables easy, private sharing for photos and videos taken with your Android device. jetAudio also blasted through the sound barrier this week to offer audio enhancement and playback control for Android devices, while CallApp manages your contacts in a pragmatic fashion.

Parking Douche (Free)

Launched in Russia, the Parking Douche app has become a popular pastime around the world. Started by The Village newspaper, Parking Douche aims to discourage bad parking by embarrassing the driver with photos and public shame. The app is crowdsourced, letting anyone take a snapshot of a poorly parked car an upload it to the app. Show a close-up of the license plate, set the car color, make and model. And in the event you’re a bad parker, you can check your registration number in the app to see if anyone has posted shameful photos of your vehicle.

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