All of your contacts and accounts are automatically carried over to your Droid via the “cloud.” My AIM and ICQ accounts took all of 30 seconds to set up, and I was instantly chatting with colleagues via my phone.

The more I use the app, the more I appreciate the attention to detail. According to its web site, Trillian for Android was specifically designed for Android, not just hastily ported from the PC version or another phone (iPhone?). Plus, devices as far back as 1.6 can run Trillian for Android, which means G1 users are still in the mix. At the same time, users with the latest and greatest phones can enjoy shiny high-res graphics.

Tabbed chat makes it easy to switch between simultaneous chat sessions by tapping the tabs. Landscape mode is also seamlessly integrated into the latest build, along with native support for your sliding keyboard.

Sharing photos taken with your Droid is a snap, along with the usual massive collection of emoticons. Plus, the developers threw in a “buzz” feature so you can put an extra exclamation point on any IM you send, making the recipients Droid buzz.

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