I have more passwords than hairs on my head — and I’m not balding, yet. Just as on a PC, we need quite a few passwords while using our phones. Keeper Password & Data Vault for Android does a good job of keeping them all in one place, but logging-in to web sites with these credentials through the app needs some work.

Create a master password for the app. Don’t forget it, ’cause if you have the optional “Self Destruct” enabled — four mistyped passwords means everything saved gets erased. From there, type in every user ID and password you have and their associated web sites. Passwords are stored using secure 128-bit encryption, so no one can discover them by browsing your phone’s memory. This isn’t a perfect solution, though, because someone who learns your Password Keeper master password will have access to everything.

The biggest issue I found with the app is logging-in to web sites. To access the web site, the apps uses its own browser window, not your phone’s browser, so you don’t have any of the normal browser functionality you normally would. On the plus side, you can just tap autofill to use the credentials housed for that site in Keeper Password, so logging-in to web sites is easy and secure.

If you sign up for the Keeper Password service — $29.99 a year — the app allows you to back up your saved data on the web in Data Vault and also access everything over a PC or Mac Interface. You can even sync the data across multiple devices.

All in all, I liked the app, but didn’t find the in-app browser window useful enough.