The new year is the perfect opportunity to get your life back in order, with fresh resolve driving habitual changes that you hope will last. It’s easier to stick to your new year’s resolutions when you have an Android smartphone on your side, managing data, tracking behavior and simplifying tasks that often distract us from our goals. From trimming down your pant size or your debt, quitting bad habits or tracking your tasks, these Android apps will help to extend your resolutions throughout 2012.

Executive Assistant+ ($6.99)

Centralizing tasks, events, news and social streams, Executive Assistant+ makes the most of your time by minimizing app-bouncing. You can access and interact with mail from multiple accounts including Gmail, and manage calendar events across Exchange and Facebook. See your tasks from apps like Astrid, Google Tasks or TouchDown, and compact your news feeds across Reader, Twitter and Facebook. There’s multiple modes with different preview options, including quick access on your lock screen. Executive Assistant+ also has a home screen widget with a few preview configurations for even speedier access and management capabilities.