Keep Your Droid Running FAST and LEAN

Nov 29, 2011

Getting a Droid was a fun, new experience. But it took me a while to separate the somewhat useful apps from the Must Have apps to keep a Droid happy and running smoothly. 1 year into being a Droid fan, here’s my list of Must Have apps to keep your Droid in tip-top shape!

AppMonster Pro Backup Restore

Want an automatic backup of each app you install or update? This app does it seamlessly – with or without notification. So, when the App store itself corrupts or any other app misbehaves, simply reinstall it from the AppMonster backup. It’s a great way to keep a list (and APK files) for every app you install for easy re-installation or to go back to a previous version when the latest update doesn’t suit you.


App2sd – Move apps to sdcard

Everyone wants to free up phone storage by moving apps to the SD card. App2SD does it better than any other app. It also frees up more memory by clearing the app cache and allows you to export and import lists of your apps. It even goes a step further and warns you of apps that might not be happy if moved to the SD card. Great stuff!


inKa File Manager

Here’s a File Manager that is as graphically awesome as your HTC Droid. Use this over any other File Manager to get Copy, Paste, Move and all of the other functions you’d expect, but with the easiest-to-navigate interface of any file manager on the market. Even pick a ‘home’ directory the app will always start in (like ‘Downloads’) so you’re always 1 click away from your favorite location. Upgrade to inKa File Manager Pro to rid yourself of the minimalist ads.


JuiceDefender – battery saver

Double your battery life. No joke. Get the free version to see a 30%+ improvement in battery life as JuiceDefender shuts off unnecessary radio (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS) usage with a light touch you’ll never notice. Upgrade to JuiceDefender Ultimate and get super-customizable options that drastically saves even more battery life (200% for me). JuiceDefender Ultimate even ‘learns’ where you don’t want WiFi running and will switch it based on your coarse location (without using battery hogging GPS). Seriously no better app to improve battery life!

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Wifi Analyzer

Graphically pleasing and rich in information about every WiFi connection around your phone. Find the best channel for your home WiFi, scan for available networks, check signal strength and security settings. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of your WiFi surroundings.


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