If your moods are a little erratic lately, and you want a way to track your emotional, physical and mental well-being, download the free DayLife (Demo) app for Android. This is a no-frills, simply designed Android app, available to Sprint and Verizon users for mood tracking.

You basically pull up a calendar, select a day, and go about rating your moods and sense of being for that day. If you flip your phone to landscape, the “Feeling” selections pop up for quick mood assessments, such as feeling foggy, slow or attentive.

Then, you select three words, one each to sum up your emotional, physical and mental well-being during the morning, afternoon and evening for each day. For instance, this evening I’m feeling spirited, restless and creative. There is also space for adding general journal notes with each entry, for detailed information about your well-being. Users can also rate their day via a day/period rating, based on five stars.

A cool aspect lets you add influences to your daily ratings, such as exercise, food, health, drinks or additional categories. This is great for someone trying to identify a food allergy. For example, keep track of your lattes to see if milk is affecting your body, or caffeine is affecting your mind. I, for one, know that I feel better for days, mind and body, after a good workout.

So if you’re looking for a free way to improve your daily life, check out the DayLife (Demo) app, free. There is an upgrade, available for $2.99, that gives users the ability to conduct detailed analysis.