Next week I have a networking event, a tweet-up, and a charity cocktail hour. It is so very hard to keep all the information for these social events organized, which is why I love the free Eventbrite app. I just log-in to the app with my email address and this savvy Android app gives me access to all the tickets I’ve bought for upcoming events through Eventbrite.

With Eventbrite on your Android device, you can pull up tickets and use barcodes for entry to events. Also, easily share events with friends you want to tag along with you! The app is also great for looking up last minute directions when you are running late from work or from another event. Or, you can even contact the event organizer to get more information.

If you don’t have any upcoming social events planned but you would like to, the Eventbrite app can help you with that too. Simply use this very social app to search for upcoming events in your area that might interest you and your posse. Events include everything from charity cocktail hours and beer tastings to sporting events and fitness classes.

If you are not using Eventbrite to organize your events yet, you should definitely look into it. The technology is perfect for event promotion and making it even easier for folks to attend and invite their friends. Eventbrite makes party organization easier on both the coordinator and the attendees!