If you’ve ever played Jewellust, but this app for your Android phone has a few twists, which makes the traditional match-three, gem-swapping puzzle that much more interesting.

Just like Bejeweled, the player is given a board filled with colorful gems, and by swapping two adjacent gems, you create rows or columns of three matching colors. But, in this version of the game, there are various random mosaic tiles that are also scattered among the gems, and you have to make these pieces fall all the way to the bottom of the board so they can be collected, and you can pass the level.

There are also special items to collect that can give you added powers and bonus points. Tips along the way help users know what these special items can do. For instance, one of these power-ups allows you to freeze the board and rearrange the pieces. But, keep in mind that you have to be fast, as this game is a race against time.

This app is set in ancient Egypt, complete with pyramids, tombs, temples and hieroglyphics, which seems like it is the most perfect place to solve these kinds of jewel puzzles.

The app is efficiently designed, giving players the opportunity to select different types of games. It’s very colorful and shiny, and makes amusing tinkle-jingle sounds as you play. The only downside of Jewellust is that after some time, the game starts to feel a bit repetitive. But, if you need a simple game just to help pass the time, you won’t regret downloading this app.