The app programs over 25 Internet radio stations in a large range of music genres. Two of the stations also broadcast over the FM band in Las Vegas, a pop channel on 96.7 and a rock station on 94.5. Using voting, you and the others using this app decide what song plays next.

Touch any station to see – and listen to – what is currently playing and view the list of possible candidates for the next song to air. You can vote up or down any of the candidates or use the more powerful but rare Rocket (to move a song to a dramatically higher rank) or the Bomb (to drop a song to a significantly lower rank). You start with only three Rockets and must earn any additional Rockets or Bombs by getting others to vote along with you. Swipe over to view the chat room for each channel. Read all the comments or post one of your own.

What’s missing? The ability to purchase or download your favorites. Competition is fierce for streaming music apps but this one is free to try. Check it out.