The brainchild of two ER doctors, iTriage is a browsable medical resource app for the phone. iTriage Mobile Health is an app for your Android created by emergency medical professionals. iTriage is handy because it sticks with common ailments rather than immediately jumping to the extreme and worrying you. If you’re concerned about an injury, a strange symptom or a possible illness, the app helps you to pinpoint what’s wrong by allowing you to click around on an illustration of the human body and select from a list of symptoms.

Based on your current location, users can use iTriage to find local emergency rooms, pharmacies and clinics. Obviously, answers don’t stop with iTriage—it’s just a resource tool—but it is a helpful start. This can help you determine whether or not you really need to consult a doctor. It finds doctors and facilities by location, type or specialty. It also lets you look up symptoms and research diseases and procedures. In my testing, the app accurately found health facilities of various types — ER, urgent care, pharmacies and so on — in my area, and doctors that my family use. The app lets you quickly navigate to any of these places, using Google Maps Navigation.

The breakdown of doctor specialties, diseases and procedures feels exhaustive. This isn’t a dumb-down medical app. It features the real medical terminology used by doctors, so if you’re told about a disease or treatment, you can easily look it up in the app.

In the “About This App,” section, it tells how the two doctor/creators thought patients and their families needed more information about medical diagnoses and treatment that was being prescribed while they worked at an ER facility. They have successfully delivered a tool that provides that information in the form of an app. I’ll have this app handy on my next Dr. Dad house call.

[appbox googleplay com.healthagen.iTriage]