Do we really need another task manager for Android phones? Well, after scoping out Itching Thumb, I would have to say, yes we do! This tool lets you manage your Android’s running applications much like the Palm Pre’s WebOS.

The task manager installs easily and integrates into your phone’s home screen button. Single-tap Home and you go there as usual, but double-tap Home and Itching Thumb displays a visual representation of your phone’s running apps. This app calls them “Live Previews” but they look like the Cards of WebOS. You can flick through the apps and jump directly to one with a single tap. Need to kill some? Flick an app upward like on a Palm Pre, or you can tap and hold to pop up a menu with the choices to “activate,” “kill,” “uninstall,” or “save snapshot.”

Itching Thumb features great customization. You can alter the look of the Live Presentations with styles like “carousel,” “flat,” and “condensed.” You can also adjust the speed and sensitivity of your double-tap. If you have Root access on your Android, Itching Thumb displays HD Previews of your running apps.Finally, Itching Thumb features gestures that allow you to quickly launch your favorite apps by a finger stroke. Drag an app preview down onto the lower half of Itching Thumb’s screen and it will ask you to draw a gesture for the app. From then on, use the same gesture to launch the app. A library of gestures helps jog your memory, if you forget.

All in all, Itching Thumb provides a fast and easy way to launch and manage your Android apps. It also proves the point that Android phones offer incredible customization.