People say it’s like the SHAZAM service, except for television. With the SHAZAM app, you press a button, let the app “listen” to just about any song in the world playing over your car radio, home stereo or wherever, and the service reports back the song title and the artist, and provides a link to buy it. Using IntoNow, you can “listen” to anything on TV – including shows, old and new, on demand fare, movies, whatever — and the app will recognize it. In my testing, this worked very well.

You can share what you’re watching over Facebook or Twitter with a tap, although I’m guessing there are some “guilty pleasure” shows that each of us would rather keep to ourselves. Current users seem to have no trouble broadcasting their fandom of shows like Ice Loves CocoJerry Springer, Awkward and The Price is Right. In terms of people watching others’ viewing habits, you can navigate around quickly to the stream of all viewers, just your friends or who is watching a particular show. You can also press a tab to see a list of the most popular shows. A green flag tells you the show is “on air” right then.

To dig deeper, press the IMDb button, and the app brings up that site reference page for that show. You’ll find cast info, episode details and much more.