The free Instragram app for Android is just plain fun and there is no denying it. I have been greedily grabbing my husband’s iPhone out of his hand for the past year to take Instagram photos at family events and on vacations. I was ecstatic to find out they were releasing an Android version. While the wait was long, it was totally worth it!

I was utterly shocked that the Android version was just as easy if not easier to use than the iPhone version of the free photography app. All too frequently app developers save all the good stuff for the insatiable iPhone crowd and shun giving the cool stuff to the Android users. Not so with the Instagram app. It is stocked full of photographic fun! The ease of use is better than any of the other retro effect apps available on Android. And the array of effects is just as plentiful. My favorite effects to use on my personal photos are “X-pro II,” “Earlybird,” and “Nashville.” The first brightens, the second ages, and the third, will make your photos all gritty country looking (at least that is my take on it). And let me tell you, Instagram can make even what you think is the nastiest picture of yourself, look somehow miraculously hot. I think it might be the blur factor.

The best part of Instagram is the community within the app that you build. It is like a mini-social network, very similar to Pose but for photo lovers not fashion lovers. Instagram also makes it easy to share your transformed photos on other social networks. The Instagram app is definitely a must-have free app for all Android device users.

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