The Pinterest Android app is a place to plan your dreams. It is a mobile vision board. It is a living document of all your aspirations. Whether you are planning a wedding, a dream home remodel, or simply tonight’s dinner, the free Pinterest app has a suggestion for you.

You can pin from anywhere on the web or upload your own picture taken with your Android device. Your homepage feed shows all your pins plus pins from people who you follow. This makes it extremely easy to collaborate on big projects such as working with a wedding planner or interior designer. You can create a Pinterest Board to share your inspiration with them. Organize all your pins into custom boards so your dreams are all in order.

Just want to browse around? Pinterest has category feeds for just about any occasion. Need a new tattoo? Looking for an inspirational quote? You name it, it is probably on Pinterest. And these categories are super easy to browse on the Android version – just hit the search button.

Pinterest is the only Android app that I can think of that simultaneously answers the questions: “What should I wear and what should I make for dinner tonight?” If you aren’t already addicted to the web version of Pinterest, you definitely have to test out the Android version. And if you already love the web version, what are you waiting for? Download it already – it’s fabulous and so addicting!

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