Zenonia, the series has gone free-to-play with lots of in-app purchase items. The story takes a slightly darker turn than the previous games. Generally the game is very well done, as expected, with small tweaks and improvements on tried and true gameplay mechanics.

This game sets you in the role of Kiyan, a warrior belonging to a tribe of assassins in the city of Berkel. Soon, Kiyan gets himself wrapped up in something much bigger and more important to the world, of course. The story this time around is pretty well done, starting out in a much darker place than you would expect. Gameplay, on the other hand, is exactly what you would expect, not that that’s necessarily a complaint.

Under all the story elements and pixel art, this is the same KRPG that we’ve been playing for the last several years on these devices. That entails both the bad and the good, as the combat and abilities can be very fun, there is a lot of crafting and party management, and generally solid gameplay. Unfortunately, the game relies on in-app purchases to make a profit, and ups the difficulty accordingly, forcing you to buy resurrection items or to grind a lot just to repair items.

The presentation of this game is excellent as well, with gorgeous pixel art. The color palate is rather subdued this time around, and while the game is still colorful, it’s not quite as vibrant. I actually really dig this look. The audio seems fairly lazy, however. The game is awkwardly quiet a lot of the time. and there are often no sound effects played during cut-scenes. Still, with solid gameplay, a decent story, and six different classes to choose from including a dark knight and a warlock, I’d say this is a satisfying KRPG experience.

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