If you are studying to become proficient in the Spanish language, Spanish Verbs Pro for your Android phone is a very helpful app to have around.

Spanish Verbs Pro is a reference guide that’s designed to help people properly use verbs. It lists hundreds of Spanish infinitives and their conjugations.

When you launch the app, you come to a main page where there are hundreds of different infinitives listed in bold, in alphabetical order. The first thing I noticed about this app was how plain its design is. Because this is a reference guide that Spanish students will use on a regular basis, I think Spanish Verbs Pro could afford to be a little bit more interesting on the eyes.

Click on any one of the infinitives on the page, and you’re transferred to a page that lists the proper conjugations for every tense and subject you can imagine: The present, past, present perfect continuous, conditional, etc. Click on any conjugation on the screen, and you can hear an audio clip of how the word is pronounced.

I was never a Spanish student, so I can’t say for sure whether or not these pronunciations are 100 percent accurate. Just by listening to the audio, though, I was able to learn how to pronounce a few words. It took me a few attempts to understand, though, not just because Spanish is new to me, but because I had some difficulty understanding the audio. The voice had a pretty intense robot tone.

Under the phone’s “Menu” button, users can find a special grammar section that touches on tons of different grammar and vocabulary topics. Currently, there are sections on numbers, seasons, months, weekdays and the alphabet. According to the app, there are many more to come.

When it comes to learning a foreign language, there’s no doubt that keeping verbs straight is a difficult feat. Where nouns can be easily memorized or looked up, verbs are constantly changing. This app is sort of like your verb dictionary, a lifesaver for anyone who does any kind of serious studying of the Spanish language.