In this age of social media, trendy food snapshots have become the new baby picture. People carry around a photo of last night’s dinner and post it on their social media pages like they just gave birth. I’m not kidding; you have friends like this too, no? Well now you can make a complete food essay of your dinner with the free Evernote Food app for Android. Why just take a photo when you can capture the ambiance, setting and your fellow diners, too?

The tasty Evernote Food app allows you to tag your meals as well as add location and detailed notes. It’s like your virtual food diary only of just the most delicious meals you have ever tasted. Of course, you can share your meals by posting on social media, emailing, or even syncing with your main Evernote account.

Foodies will love this delicious app for everyday culinary adventures. Regular folks will find this a great addition to their travel app selections. I know whenever I go on vacation I have a hard time remembering where I ate what. So the next time I come to visit, I can pull out my Evernote Food app to remember exactly what it was that I found so tasty and where I found it at.

Another way to use this food-centric app is to track meals made at home and dinner parties for friends. It’s not just a dinner out app. You can use this app for any meal, anywhere. It’s also fabulous for folks who want to track their meals for a diet plan.

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