Phone Case and Signal Loss

Though phone cases are visually appealing and offer protection for the phone itself, its use could be a cause of worsening of internet connection. This is amplified when the case has metal parts which are usually intended for additional protection. To find out whether the case affects the amount of signal that the mobile phone receives, users can carry out a speed test while the case is not worn to compare when the phone is in the case. Speed tests can be conducted with a variety of apps such as WiFi Manager which are intended to gauge the connectivity strength of signals. Test should be carried out in a similar location with and without the case to evaluate any differences in results between the tests. In the event of a significant difference, an alternative phone case should be sought to optimize WiFi connectivity.

Excluding Weak Signals

In the settings tab of many Android phones, users are able to find an option which tells the device to avoid connecting to poor internet connections. While the phone scans for networks which are available for use, it simultaneously eludes connecting to weak signals which can often be frustrating when the appearance of connection yields slow results. This method can be achieved through accessing settings, WiFi, going into the Advanced tab, and then selecting a box which indicates an option for automatically connecting to weak sources of internet.

Router Location

Another useful tactic which can be utilized to enhance the internet signal is to optimize the location of the router which broadcasts WiFi networks. Walls and floors often are the leading barriers in strong internet service. To optimize this, the router should be placed as close to the center of the location as possible which no/thin walls as the signals are often weakened with every wall. This can further be enhanced by placing the router on the floor where the internet is most often used or alternatively using a WiFi booster to enhance the signal that is given by the router. Inexpensive WiFi boosters can be found on many online sources for under $40 USD such as the Lack 300M which greatly enhances the connection to all devices in a location.

Device Software

There are many simple ways to enhance the connection of mobile devices that are either free or extremely affordable. For instance, ensuring that the phone is kept up-to-date with the applicable software version can serve to enhance many features of the phone including the ability of the device to access wireless signals. Furthermore, a multitude of mobile apps have been developed with the sole purpose of enhancing connectivity. A notable app in this space is WiFi Booster which optimizes WiFi through three steps. Firstly the app adjusts the channel connection for faster wireless internet. Secondly, the app automatically clears DNS cache for greater speeds. Lastly, for more data-intensive resource such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix, the WiFi Booster will improve pre-buffering time for a smoother viewing experience. Although highly technical in nature, these steps are mostly automated for ease of use in non-technical users and provide a simple alternative to more complicated approaches.

Adjusting WiFi Frequency Band to 5GHz

A more technical means to improving WiFi connection is to alter the settings of the device to run on a 5GHz frequency band and the timeworn 2.4 GHz band. On lighter frequencies such as 5GHz, there is extra space within the band for faster internet as channels are not overlapping. Despite being complicated in nature, this is simple to achieve through a number of steps within the phone’s setting. This can be done through Settings -> WiFi -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi frequency band and selecting “Auto” to ensure that the device is running on 5GHz band if possible.

Utilizing these various methods, users are able to significantly improve their device connection to the internet. In combination, these tactics offer cost effective means to improving WiFi access while at home or on-the-go and is highly applicable to all Android device users. To avoid disconnection during inconvenient situations, this list provides various ways to optimize internet usage in all circumstances.