The app has several different panels for you to navigate through. They are: Featured, Favorites, Recent, and Search. In Featured, they list Spotlight and Top 100. If you’re not sure what you want to listen to, this is a great place to start. Once you start playing a song, you can select the little heart on the screen to add it to your Favorites tab.

The Recent category will let you got through all of the songs you’ve just recently played. This can be really useful if you’ve just got the app playing in the background and want to figure out what song you just heard. The search category allows you to enter in any artist and hopefully find them.

What’s really cool about imeem Mobile is the progressive download. The second you start playing a song it’s already working to buffer the rest of it so you don’t run into any issues if you lose connection for a bit. The app also works in the background, so until you pause a song, the app will continue to run. For those of you not familiar with the website, you won’t hear multiple songs by the same artist when you press next, but you will hear songs from similar artists. This gives you a chance to hear new music.