Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


In the good old days – and by that we mostly mean the 90s -, Star Wars games were pretty one-sided in terms of favoring Jedi and Rebel protagonists and not allowing you to play with your most beloved evildoers serving the Galactic Empire (save for the old school TIE Figther simulator, still considered one of the best Star Wars video games of all time). Since then, times have changed, and in this, regard, balance in the Force has been restored. In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you can assemble both light side and dark side squads, selecting characters from all Star Wars eras and movies, including the two latest installments, The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Once you’re done assembling your squad, it’s time to lead your good guy or bad guy all-stars into turn-based battles against opposing forces to become the ultimate galactic hologame champion. You can put your squad’s abilities to the test in online Squad Cantina Battles, in PvP matchups, and in Squad Tournaments. You can also create customizable guilds with your friends to face off against iconic bosses and score unique rewards in the process. Last not least, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes boasts a rich starship battle game mode perfect for unleashing your inner Han Solo.

Out There: Ω Edition


There are so many adjectives with which you can capture the essence of space. Infinite. Cold. Frightening. Uncompromising. Hostile. Neutral. With its grim, melancholic atmosphere, Out There: Ω Edition shows you how dark deep space can be. You play as an astronaut awakening from cryonics, finding yourself painfully far away from home, and you have no other choice but to cope with the situation as best as you can, repairing your ship with whatever parts you find as you traverse through the unknown and refilling your oxygen supply on garden planets . As you’re drifting in the uncompromising void, you’ll come across intelligent species that won’t give a flying spaghetti monster about you, and, more importantly, you’ll have to go up against ancient powers linked not only to your destiny but also to the fate of mankind. Out There features a deep storyline with 4 different endings (and thus outstanding replay value), 10 spaceships with different specs, a complex crafting system with 20 alien technologies, an eerie soundscape, pulp comics-style graphics, and brutally challenging gameplay. And by brutally challenging, we mean that it’s pretty damn hard. But so is survival in space.

Star Trek Trexels


Trekkies, rejoice: Star Trek Trexels is the best and most authentic Star Trek game in all known galaxies and on all gaming platforms! According to the story, the USS Valiant starship has been blown to pieces by unknown hostile forces while the Valiant was traveling through a mysterious area in a remote corner of the galaxy referred to as the Trexelian Expanse. Since the Starfleet has chosen you to investigate the fate of the USS Valiant, you have to build a spaceship, assemble your crew, and explore the Expanse in the name of the Federation. Start Trek Trexels features retro pixel graphics, narration by George Takei, original music from Star Trek: The Original Series, exciting space battles, and heaps of ship customization options.

Battlevoid: Harbinger


In terms of difficulty, Battlevoid: Harbinger is very similar to Out There: Ω Edition, so if you’re not up to the challenge and you prefer an easy road to victory, this game is definitely not for you. Battlevoid: Harbinger blends multiple game genres, borrowing typical characteristics from roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battle games. Since you play as a commander tasked with traveling through deep space straight into enemy territories, the goals in Battlevoid are manifold and reaching them requires well-thought-out resource management, planning ship offenses and defenses, and coming up with ingenious battle tactics to distract your enemies or to lure them into traps. Battlevoid: Harbinger is set in a vast galaxy bursting with mysterious places and frightening foes, has outstanding replay value, old school pixel graphics, and is an overall awesome sci-fi game you’ll love if you’re into strategy games and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion


Extraterrestrial mega-bugs must die! Star Warfare: Alien Invasion is an interstellar ET-decimating space shooter attacking with a 42-level single player mode, a rich co-op mode, an easy-to-master control system, and a huge arsenal of weapons and battle suits offering various upgrade and mix-and-match options. Although the single player campaign is pretty good, we were more into the intense co-op game modes, which include brutal boss battles for up to 4 players and a PvP team survival mode. You can splatter bug-like aliens with 36 weapons, upgrade each hand-held space cannon 8 times, and craft unique weapon combos to score additional fire power.

Shadowgun: Dead Zone

shadowgunShadowgun: Dead Zone is a console-quality multiplayer space shooter in which you can engage in a whole lot of pew-pewing – in tactical multiplayer battles for up to 12 players, to be exact. You can choose from two game modes – deathmatch and zone control -, several maps, and 10 battle-ready characters. As you’re climbing the rankings, you’ll unlock new abilities and gameplay elements, and a vast arsenal of upgradable weapons is waiting for you to unleash their firepower onto your enemies.

Galaxy Reavers – Starships RTS

galaxyreaversGalaxy Reavers – Starships RTS is an A-plus space battle strategy game offering multiple game modes, spectacular 3D graphics, and infinite warship customization options. Despite the latter, the gameplay tends to get a tad repetitive, and the AI often makes head-scratching decisions, but these minor negatives do not take much away from the game’s overall space battle awesomeness. Galaxy Reavers comes equipped with three game modes – survival mode, rescue missions, escort missions -, each requiring sharp and shrewd battle tactics and split-second decision-making. There are more than 25 collectible pieces with which you can customize your spaceships according to your playstyle, and you can choose from 8 distinctively different warships. Choose wisely, as your choices will determine your fleet’s fate and the way the plot unfolds!

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD


Multiple award-winning Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is the undisputed masterpiece of the GoF-trilogy. In this role-playing-game-slash-space-adventure-game extraordinaire, you play as Keith T. Maxwell, a volatile space war veteran who is tasked with no less than saving the world from a despicable assortment of villains that includes aliens, space pirates, and power-mongering lunatics. Besides the 10-hour-plus main campaign, you can dive into two more adventures packed with heaps of new content thanks to a pair of story add-ons entitled Valkyrie and Supernova. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD has breathtaking 3D graphics, an orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting, is set in a galaxy made up of more than 30 stars systems and over 100 planets and space stations, all waiting for you to explore, and has over 50 spaceships you can customize in hundreds of ways with weapon systems, power-ups, and miscellaneous commodities.

Call of Mini: Infinity


In this space-bound installment of the Call of Mini-series, the Earth is about to be completely devastated by a meteorite impact of apocalyptic proportions, forcing humanity to find a new place to live. As an army commander, your mission is to lead your star warriors to an inhabitable planet called Caron, and once you get there, prepare for the imminent alien attacks and colonize the planet. Call of Mini: Infinity has 3D graphics, a co-op mode with epic boss battles, a large variety of weapons, upgradable armors, and talents to learn with which you can customize your fighting style.

AVP: Evolution


A sci-fi game compilation without an Alien vs. Predator game is an incomplete compilation, which we’d rather avoid, so buckle up and watch out for face huggers and Pred…actually, there’s no use in preparing for Predators – if they want to get you, they will get you. AVP: Evolution brings new life into the blood feud raging between Aliens and Predators with refurbished graphics, high-detail environments, and character upgrade and customization options. As you’d expect, there are two story modes: you can play as an Alien or as a Predator. If you opt for the former, your mission is taking out the Super Predators to free your species from enslavement, while if you choose the path of the ultimate hunter, your objective is to take down the Alien Queen to stop the Super Predators from wiping out your clan, the Jungle Predators. Both species have their own brutal attacks and finishing moves, special abilities, and character upgrades, ensuring that AVP fans will have a bloody great time butchering space marines and the members of the opposing extraterrestrial killing machine species.

Mushroom Wars: Space!

mushroomwarsLead the Mushroom people to the most remote corners of the galaxy in this best-selling real-time strategy masterpiece spiced up with a dash of cuteness. The single player campaign contains fifty brand new missions packed with extraterrestrial encounters, alien technology, and revamped game mechanics, while the much improved online multiplayer feature brings action-packed PvP battles for up to 4 players, tournaments, and a wide selection of special events.