If you watch TV, you must download the Viggle Android app

Jul 11, 2012
TV and Movies

If you could get a free latte or movie rental just for checking-in to your favorite TV shows on your Android, would you do it? Of course you would! The free Viggle app for Android is like Harry Potter’s magic wand. Once you open the TV-centric app and setup your account, you simply tap the screen and Viggle tells you what you are watching. Yes, you read that right. The app can figure out on its own what you are watching on your TV. I don’t know about you, but this completely freaked me out. Do I really want my Android phone to know that I’m watching Chicagolicious? No, no, I do not.

As you check-in to more and more of your favorite shows as you watch TV with this app, you earn more and more Viggle points. Viggle points add up to wonderful rewards such as gift cards to Starbucks, Gap, Sephora and many, many more. Viggle has a plethora of rewards to please just about anybody.

Users also have the opportunity to earn more points by browsing the featured shows section and setting reminders to watch these shows. I get 100 bonus points for setting a reminder to watch Louis? Alright-y then, sign me up! I’m hooked on the Viggle app. It blows the GetGlue app out of the water. Who wants a virtual badge when you can get a real latte?

Overall, the Viggle app is not only super intuitive to use but also one of the most eye-pleasingly designed Android apps I have used (and I’ve used a lot!). If you watch TV, you must download the Viggle app for Android.

Developer: Viggle
Price: Free
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