Feed Baby – Baby Tracker

feedbabyFeed Baby – Baby Tracker is much more than a breastfeeding app, packing a wide range of features with which you can track feedings (includes nursing, bottle, and solids), diaper changes, pumpings, sleep, medication, baths, and even keep a journal so that you’ll remember all the special moments and milestones. Feed Baby has seamless device-to-device synchronization, allowing both parents to keep a close watch on the newest family member. Thanks to the app’s integrated timeline feature, you can get a comprehensive outlook on your baby’s activities across several days, getting a better understanding of their activity patterns. If you’re unable to repress your inner stat geek even in a most unusual context like the current one, you’ll be glad to hear that, based on your logs, Feed Baby brings you charts, graphs, and reports, but as a parent, you’ll be much more thankful for the custom reminders you can set up for a variety of baby-related tasks.

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

babybreastfeeding2Baby Breastfeeding Tracker is a jack-of-all-trades breastfeeding app specializing in tracking breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solid food feeding, and milk pumping data – and the features do not stop there, as you can also log diaper changes, sleeping periods, baths, temperatures, medication, walks, and weight and height measurements. Before we’d get lost in this lush jungle of features, let’s get back to feeding: Baby Breastfeeding Tracker allows you to track feeding by each breast or both, and set custom reminders so that you’ll always know when it’s time to feed the little one.

Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker

breastfeedingbabytracker2Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker offers a set of breastfeeding tracker features for free, while the feeding tracker, the sleeping tracker, the events tracker, and the measurement tracker are available as add-ons. Since this compilation focuses on breastfeeding apps, let us go all Scrooge McDuck and neglect everything that costs more than a single dime. With the breastfeeding tracker, you can log nursing data in a simple and intuitive way, get graphical analysis of logged nursing events for different periods of time, and you can also get a grasp of your baby’s feeding patterns with the diary view.

Breastfeeding Tracker Pumping

breastfeedingtrackerpumpingBreastfeeding Tracker Pumping is an easy-to-use breastfeeding app that comes equipped with a plethora of tracking features, allowing you to record and analyze all sorts of feeding data from duration to supplementary feeding. You can review daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports, set custom feeding reminders, and get easy access to the app via the start screen widget. The biggest upside of Breastfeeding Tracker Pumping is its versatility, as it is perfect for tracking solid food, bottle feeding, pumping, and it even has twins support.