This edition of Android games of the week will allow you to kick a boy really hard in his booty, drive a car over some zombies and become one of the Croods. Also, it will let you eat a lot of fish and even some people if you so desire. Because you’ll be a shark. And sharks eat stuff. You get it. Here are the games.

Hungry Shark Evolution (Free)

This is the story of a shark. A hungry shark. According to this game, if the shark ever stops eating, it will die. You’ll dart around the ocean eating fish and maybe people if you can find them, but don’t touch the jellyfish or whatever that thing is with the spikes coming out of it. Those things will hurt you. You don’t just eat to survive, though; you also eat to evolve. As you play, you’ll be able to turn your shark into a more efficient eating machine, and eventually you can even try out different types of shark which may or may not be better than the shark you start with. The point is that having options is good. Just don’t play with tilt controls, as doing that is kinda horrible. Stick with the on-screen joystick. You’ll be happier that way.

Earn to Die ($1.19)

I’ve played a lot of games featuring zombies, and those games that have allowed me run over zombies with a car tend to be my favorite. Earn to Die, though, is not necessarily a game about zombies, but you do get to drive over a lot of them. This game is an enigma;  I’ll admit right here and now I don’t really understand what the ultimate point of playing this game is. You drive a car across a two-dimensional plane over some zombies until you run out of gas, after which you’ll somehow earn money with which you can upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one. You’ll try this over and over again, making it a little bit farther each attempt as you figure out the best times to push the gas pedal as you try to conserve your fuel. Somehow, this is quite entertaining.

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Jumping Finn – Adventure Time ($0.99)

I’m not entirely sure why this tie-in to the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time is called “Jumping Finn,” as Finn does not jump. Instead, he is kicked in the butt really hard by his dog and flies through the air for a long time. The goal, of course, is to see how far you can make Finn go, and it’s not just about kicking him really hard. The dog can also kick him again when he’s in the air, and he can also make him bounce before he hits the ground. Timing is important, and so are upgrades you earn by doing well. Meanwhile, each turn you take has an objective that you can go for. So you’ll kick Finn over and over and over again, and eventually you’ll give up on this game and never come back. But while you’re playing that first time, you’ll play for a while as you try to figure it out. You will get a dollar’s worth of entertainment out of this.

The Croods (Free)

This tie-in to this weekend’s Dreamworks Animation film The Croods takes us back to the stone age It comes from Rovio, and it is as typically solid as you would expect from that studio. This is not your normal mobile movie tie-in. In The Croods, your goal is to roam the world and tame some of the weird creatures you encounter along the way, and boy are these creatures weird. There is a thing called a Molarbear. Yes. You can also invent some rather strange things to get you into new areas, and naturally you’ll be able to dress up all the Croods in cool outfits. There are also a number of other things you can do, because this is a legitimate game. Though The Croods is free, it of course has a bevy of in-app purchases to allow you to customize your game. Playing without paying is a viable course of action, though, so don’t worry that you’ll need to pay.