Android fans are tired of the iPhone dominating the smartphone spotlight, but HTC’s Thunderbolt is stealing the show.

According to Boy Genius Report, an analyst from BTIG Research has found that since its debut, the HTC Thunderbolt is outselling the iPhone 4. BTGI analysts “made calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless stores across 22 major U.S. cities, asking which device was selling better. According to the analyst’s report, 61 percent of stores said the two devices were selling at about the same rate, 11% said the iPhone 4 was selling faster and 28 percent said they were selling more ThunderBolt smartphones than iPhones. This anecdotal evidence suggests a solid launch for Verizon Wireless, and it further supports recent data that large-screen smartphones are continuing to grow in popularity.”

From a hardware specs standpoint, HTC’s Thunderbolt is comparable to the iPhone 4. Both feature HD video recording, an impressive gaming experience, front-facing cameras for video calls, simultaneous voice and data usage, and the infamous touchscreen. HTC is a bit larger, but many think it’s worth it since the display is quite a bit sharper and it packs 40GB of storage. HTC also features widgets that enable users to check social networking sites from their screens without loading an app.

Luckily for HTC, smartphone customers are looking for something new and Verizon’s speedy 4G advantage over iPhone 3’s 3G network has made the Thunderbolt quite attractive. It also doesn’t hurt that many Verizon customers who weren’t ready to desert their network, finally have access to a smartphone on par with the iPhone.

On the other hand, Apple does have an influence over wireless carriers that HTC does not and also offers access to more apps in the Apple Store than the Android Market. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 later this year, and Verizon will soon expand its selection of 4G phones so enjoy the limelight, Thunderbolt. Nothing lasts forever.