Android devices continue to gain in niche appeal, with the HTC Sensation XE launching with Beats Audio built right in. Designed for music lovers, the Sensation comes with software and hardware updates and a special audio profile that automatically turns on when you plug in your headphones. GameStop is also looking to build its gamer loyalty with a tablet due out next year. And while music and gaming continue to drive mobile innovation, price still matters. Huawei’s Impulse 4G hits stores this month with the very attractive price tag of $29.99

HTC Sensation XE

HTC landed a deal with Beats Audio some time ago, an initiative from music mogul Dr. Dre. We’re finally seeing the results of that partnership with a revamped version of the HTC Sensation, the XE. Geared for music lovers and bass-heads, the smartphone comes with enhanced hardware and software for your listening pleasure. There’s a specialized audio profile that automatically turns on with the use of your headphones, and the device even comes with its own remote control, so you can pause, play or skip tracks, as well as answer calls. The Sensation XE will arrive with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor running Android 2.3, a 4.3-inch display with 540 x 960 resolution and an extended battery pack. It’s due to hit Europe, the Middle East and Africa first, with plans for global expansion in late September.

GameStop tablet

GameStop seems to be taking a cue from Sony, with plans to launch its own Android-powered gaming device. This time, GameStop is going for more screen real estate, heading straight for the tablet. Currently in testing, the tablet will include a “modest selection” of native titles, with plans to stream games similar to OnLive’s service. The gaming tablet will also come with its own controller, likely to connect via Bluetooth. There aren’t many more details available for the upcoming tablet, but it’s clearly a growing market, as the Xperia PLAY is extending its availability to AT&T customers as well. Look for GameStop’s tablet to launch some time next year.

Huawei Impulse 4G

Huawei is known for inexpensive devices built for the masses, and it doesn’t disappoint with the Impulse 4G. With a contract, the phone costs just $29.99. Running Android 2.2 with a 3.8-inch display, the phone also has a decent camera at 5-megapixels with 720p video capture. The Impulse has gone through its run of rumors, initially thought to be a Samsung creation with LTE support on AT&T’s network. But Huawei’s Impulse 4G doesn’t come with LTE support, as this AT&T initiative has yet to launch. The two LTE devices lined up for AT&T will have to wait until the carrier actually launches, a plan that’s significantly behind schedule.