How to end an argument in 5 seconds flat

Jul 23, 2011

These fact seeking/reference apps keep enough info at your fingertips to quickly resolve any dispute!

Wikidroid (Wikipedia Browser)

Wikipedia can be a dangerous thing. You start out looking for information to prove to your roommate that Cardasians and Kardashians are not the same thing, and 5 hours of fascinated clicking and linking later, you’re somehow learning about the ins and outs of Jainism. But it IS my go to reference place. I like that the app allows you to save articles to your SD card for later reference if you so choose.


Advanced English & Thesaurus

If you’re a word nerd (like myself and many of my close friends), you may find yourself debating meanings and synonyms of various words on a regular basis (again, I fully admit how nerdy this is). Even if you’re not, this app is great for helping you build vocabulary, and for helping you find new and exciting ways to say what you want to say


IMDb for Android

Answer the eternal question of “was it Bill Pullman or Bill Paxton in that movie about that catastrophic event . . . er wait, was it Jeff Daniels?” with this app. Recent fun discovery? Jessica Walters (aka Lucille Bluth from “Arrested Development” voices one of the characters on the animated series ‘Archer’)



Besides being my all-time favorite app, Google Maps is great for nipping arguments about which movie theater is closest, or what state the town of Olean is right in the bud.


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