Gingerbread treats coming soon?

The upcoming Gingerbread release for Android 2.3 is still shrouded in mystery, but an upcoming appearance from head developer Andy Rubin has us hopeful for some emerging details around the OS updates. Rubin, who’s already promised to discuss Gingerbread details around this time, will reportedly be speaking at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference early next month, so here’s hoping for some tasty holiday treats for Android.

Android publisher limits?

One thing Android updates could benefit from is a dedicated publisher monetization tool, with incentives for gaining partnerships in this realm of media distribution, lest Apple (AAPL) dominate the market entirely.

It’s an initiative geared towards the tablet market, though Android’s current restrictions may be limiting the publishing industry from the same monetization options as the Android Market, according to a PaidContent report.

As Android tablets strive to become true iPad rivals, this will have to include incentive structures around development and brand partners, especially as Google (GOOG) seeks to make gains in mobile entertainment, even beyond Google TV.

OpenFeint frees new games for Android

Games, of course, is another big area of opportunity for entertainment on Android-powered tablets. While this sector hasn’t gotten a chance to really take off yet, Android games are on the up-and-up, with eight new titles from the OpenFeint platform. Frogger, Jet Car Stunts, Bomberman Dojo and Word Mix are just a few of the noted upcoming releases. OpenFeint, which has become a poster child for mobile game platforms on Android, has 8 million downloads to show for its global presence.