Holiday shopping already went through its digital revolution. A few years ago, only a little bit of overall holiday shopping happened over the web, now online shopping makes up a huge percentage of the total. The digital revolution of holidays cards has just begun with Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink.

With this alternative to the Hallmark aisle of your local pharmacy or grocery store, you can fly through your list of holiday card duties right from your Android device. Creating a card in the app is surprisingly easy. From initial launch to completing my first customized card took about four minutes. The slowest part, of course, is typing your name and address and the address of those who will receive the card, but even that part wasn’t too time-consuming.

You can choose from more than 18 photo cards and 12 illustrated cards, then choose to add a photo and personalized text. Once you enter your credit-card information, an account is created for you so you won’t need to enter it ever again. From there, build a list of recipients, and check off which people get which cards. The card styles range for Christmas to Hanukkah to non-religious. Each card comes on a 5-inch by 7-inch photo-stock single-postcard-style sheet. To send an individual card in the US costs $1.99 and $2.99 to Europe. Within the U.S., cards get delivered in two to five days. Overseas addresses take a couple of weeks. You can purchase cards in bulk for a 15 percent discount.

I will consider using this app for my own holiday card list.