The older you get, the more you realize that though the world is filled with good ideas, it’s the execution that’s key. That’s the challenge with the clever app concept of Hojoki.

Problem: Many companies now offer free cloud storage for all your digital stuff, so if you interact with more than one of the services, as many of us do, how do you keep track of everything? Solution: Build a cloud storage tracker app like this one. Unfortunately, the idea works better than the app itself. Still, Hojoki is so fresh they have time to fix the problems so the app becomes more useful.

I saw the power of the app first hand. I downloaded it and registered several of my cloud storage accounts including Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote (the app currently works with 15 such services like Delicious, GitHub, Beanstalk, Zendesk, Highrise, and others). As described, the app syncs any changes in these accounts to one central feed, a little like Facebook, so that it’s easy to manage changes such as other people you collaborate with modifying files in the cloud.

All this is great, but in my use, the app stumbled because of some software bugs including a real problem signing back in once you leave the app and try to re-enter. Like other people commenting in the Google Play store, I often had to choose the “Join with Google” option, even though I had already created an account using another email. In its current state, the app loses much of it’s usefulness due to these problems, but I’m confident it can be pulled together with a little bug fixing.

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