The little Hershey’s Kiss-shaped alien race of Pyxxis 2 was conquered and left defenseless. They have no skills other than the ability to hop to the left (which is your right). You must help guide them to the teleportation TV that sends them to safety.

This physics puzzle game delivers lots of fun challenges for you to solve. Power nodes, that you select and move into position, direct the Pyxxis creatures to their TVs. The nodes come with powers like jump, change direction, accelerate, low gravity, high gravity, slow down and more. There are many obstacles for you to maneuver the Pyxxis around including spikes, drop-offs and the shady creatures that conquered them in the first place. Set the nodes, then press play to find out if the Pyxxis make it to the tube.

Collect candy snacks along the way and the much trickier stars because they will buy you tips if you get stuck and unlock higher levels of the game. Some of the puzzle scenes are wide and require you to drag the viewpoint around to see the whole landscape before you position the nodes. For added difficulty, turn off the “Trails” feature that shows you where you went wrong on the last run.

What’s on TV that the Pyxxis crave? And, where do they go when they jump inside it? We might never know, but the graphics are detailed, the creatures are fun, the music is cute, and the puzzles will contort you mind. Check it out.