The first feature we love of the nēvus app is the “Sun Alarm.” Set a sunscreen reminder on your phone for when you need to reapply. The app will also sync with your Android’s GPS to let you know what the current UV Index is so you know if you need to reapply more readily. The handy “Sunscreen Visualizer” helps you figure out how much sunscreen to apply to each body part as well as on the skin of delicate children. Within the “Sun Alarm” section is a ton of helpful sun-care tidbits such as skin type info, UV light details, treating sunburn and more.

An ingenious part of the nēvus app lets you take and record photos of your skin for mole examination. The app describes in detail how to self examine your skin for changes in moles that could signal skin cancer. Of course, you should also go see your dermatologist yearly in addition to using the app. An app is not a doctor by any means.